Our Services

Strategic Leadership

We specialize in helping our association clients turn broad visions into a blueprint for success. As an experienced association management company, Starfish Management Solutions, LLC can help your organization develop a clear sense of direction.

Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Business and Tactical Planning
  • Budget Development and Resource Allocation

Financial Management

Starfish Management Solutions, LLC provides improved financial controls and practices to our associations. Our internal practices ensure the highest levels of integrity and reliability. The internal control system is augmented by an independent annual audit/review cycle.

Starfish Management Solutions, LLC provides full financial management including:

  • Processing accounts receivables and payables;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Budget development and monitoring;
  • Oversight of annual audit/review and tax filings;
  • Daily and long-term cash management.

Membership Recruitement & Retention

Starfish Management Solutions, LLC handles all aspects of membership including recruitment and retention, membership benefits, member communications, dues billing and collection, and member directory publication.

The Executive Staff works closely with clients to develop and refine marketing campaigns and strategies to recruit and retain members. We strive to increase the membership of associations through the development and improvement of programs such as new member mentoring/sponsoring, member benefits and outreach to new members. It is certainly easier to retain a member than to find a new one, so we also work with the association to provide value to its members.

Strategic Solutions

Associations need both strong leadership and a strong vision to thrive. Starfish Management Solutions, LLC is a trusted advisor that can provide leadership development to strengthen board effectiveness. In addition to leading planning retreats, we also provide strategic planning guidance to determine measurable goals and create a plan of action and implementation.

Staff works with those in volunteer leadership positions to understand the association’s current environment, establish goals going forward, and determine how best to allocate the organization’s resources in order to achieve those goals. Since most association leaders are volunteers who serve in positions for only a brief period of time, strategic planning will focus the organization’s efforts and ensure that all members and volunteer leaders are on the same page, working towards the same vision. 

We help guide the board as they determine that vision, and ensure that the plan is implemented, and course-corrections are made in response to societal and association shifts.

We also offer leadership development and orientation services, designed to increase board effectiveness and allow for seamless transitions.

Conventions & Education

Association members need ongoing access to educational and professional development opportunities that build on their existing skills and knowledge.   From course content development to logistical details, we specialize in managing and executing your meetings and events ranging in attendance from 10 to 3,000 attendees. Our expertise includes state, local & national meetings . We also manage a wide variety of recreational activities, intimate and large social events, and other  conference events working within the scope of your needs and budget. We negotiate with state and national hotel chains and vendors bringing those savings to each associations regardless of size.

Our complete meetings, conference, convention and event management services include:

  • Site/venue selection;
  • Vendor contract negotiations;
  • Marketing and promotion;
  • Registration systems and processes;
  • Program Committee coordination;
  • Program development;
  • Speaker and faculty management;
  • Abstract submission and review management;
  • Award coordination;
  • Tradeshows, exhibits, scientific posters and e-posters sales and management;
  • Hotel and catering logistics;
  • Social and special events management;
  • Audiovisual selection and coordination;
  • On-site meeting management;
  • Electronic and hardcopy syllabi and program book preparation;
  • Post-program evaluation and reporting;
  • Continuing Education Accreditation Management;
  • Webinars, webcasts and web conferencing.

Marketing & Publications

Social Media

We live in a society where information is available with the majority of our daily interactions occurring electronically. Starfish Management Solutions, LLC understands that associations must embrace many types of social media in order to serve their membership quickly and effectively. Mobile applications, blogs, videos, podcasts, listservs, eMentoring and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, are all strategies we use to help our clients stay connected and create a community among their members.


Keeping members informed of the latest news and information is a core function of any association. Written communication in the form of journals, newsletters, brochures, and white papers are all ways Starfish Management Solutions, LLC can help association members stay informed. We negotiate contracts and work with Editors and publishers to make sure processes and systems are in place for the most economical and timely production for all print and online journals. Whether print or electronic, we use existing publication templates or design new ones that reflect the unique personality of each association. Writing, editing, and brand-compliance are all within our scope of service.